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Chimaera was born and raised within the Elednor'a Cathedral of Aieovae's Most High - one of Keldra's most beautiful, but also most tucked-away temples, hidden far from civilization in a locked-away realm. And rightly so, since the rituals surrounding his birth have long since been outlawed. In Naitan, the traditions of the Edion - individuals born to sacred, magic-touched bloodlines and raised as perfect, willing sacrifices to the gods - continue in secret. Chimaera, then known as Icelos, was born to the Oeiri bloodline, bred and birthed and trained to die for Vahlmir's glory. As an Edion, Icelos was what most worlds would call a witch, able to harness and channel magic; he could cast spells, move objects with his mind, create and control fire. These gifts honoured his patron god, and Icelos took great joy in working magic as a form of worship. His life was that of a pampered pet, cherished but sheltered; he was taught poetry and music, allowed to compose hymns and dance, but never permitted any kind of martial training. His body, blood and bone, belonged to the god; once he was old enough to dress himself no mortal was allowed to touch him. He never suffered so much as a papercut or a bruise, was never embraced or kissed. To call him naive would be an understatement, but he was sweet, and devoted to his purpose. There were crueler fates.

One of which came for him.

When he was 17, the temple was attacked. Demons slaughtered the priests and priestesses, and made off with the Edion - five, including Icelos. The Edion had no frame of reference for the experience, and when they were dragged out of Keldra and into a hell dimension - it was not something their sanity could survive.

Someone had conceived of a beautiful blasphemy; turning Edion, creatures of perfect devotion to their gods, into assassins of the divine. The true mortal could have survived it; even the god-touched Edion died, one by one, torn apart and put back together over and over. The demons made them fast, made them strong, honed their magic and gave them new powers to make them weapons against their gods - but they did not perfect the gift of healing until it was too late for four of the five.

Icelos broke. His was a spun-glass soul, beautiful but fragile, a butterfly in a hothouse; brutalized, raped, tortured, vivisected, spliced with new genes and demonic magics, he shattered. His mind broke like a mirror and his soul became crystalline, faceted and flawed.

Icelos drowned. The demons named the new soul Chimaera, delighted with the shift from whimpering pet to sadistic, savage Knife - and trained him.

Over nearly a century, Chimaera became their Knife - but he was a double-edged blade. Pain was no longer a good motivator; where Icelos would scream for mercy under the whip, Chimaera laughed, and then begged for more. The capacity for fear or pride was burned out of him; his magic, once light and pure, twisted like a helix towards death and blood. Icelos' terrified respect for his captors/torturers/trainers became irreverence, bared teeth and mockery and an indifference to punishment. Mad playfulness made a game of pain, of torture, and over and over he blew bloody kisses to those who tried to make him kneel: You don't own me. You're not worthy of me.

In the end, made uneasy by Chimaera's unpredictability, his masters decided not to tell their Knife the identity of his ultimate target. He was still their best-forged weapon; his practice missions went flawlessly, perfectly, beautifully. So long as he did not know the name of the man he was being sent to kill, there was little reason to suspect this hunt, too, would not end with the prize they wanted: Vahlmir's temporary death and months-long convalescence, at a time when it would be most useful.

They let him loose like a hunting hawk on Earth.

It did not go according to plan.

Gifts: superhuman strength, speed, and senses, telekinesis, elemental manipulation (fire), teleportation, advanced healing and regeneration, death/blood-magic, low-grade telepathy/empathy, extended lifespan (in ideal circumstances Edions can live for several centuries). He is also able to form 'pocket dimensions' that can be used for storing items - about a medium-sized cupboard's worth.
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